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Sprayer Detail


miteYfine Gardener

The recommended organic control solution, for aphids and other garden pests such as spider mites and caterpillars, is uncomplicated and environmentally friendly. Simply, the vermin can be washed away with a strong spray of pure, clean water.

Combining the right amount of water pressure, minimal water volume and the appropriate water droplet size, the MITEYFINE Sprayer reaches insect pests where they live and do their destruction – the underside of leaves and on delicate new growth. The unique fan-shaped spray pattern creates a blade of water that effectively knocks the bugs off but leaves the plant in great shape.

The MITEYFINE Sprayer is Tough on Bugs and…

Introduces no toxic chemicals. Just the right amount of water and a convenient on-off valve, helps conserve water.

Ergonomically designed in 46” and 58” lengths, so no stooping is required.

Durable and all-metal, the MITEYFINE Sprayer is built by Texans and built-to-last.

miteYfine Sprayer